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St. Germain – September 2020

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The higher dimensions are making many adjustments in regard to how much of the higher frequencies may filter through onto certain areas of the planet that can withstand the intensity of their effect on the human body. We are utilizing the Violet Flame in many ways in order to transmute and purify many situations as they come to the surface for review, acceptance and release. We find this etheric sacred fire works exceptionally quickly in re-establishing balance, harmony and stability within each person who calls upon and works with it. Consider this an important tool in your spiritual toolbox for you to use as need for it comes up. It is said that if a person is able to steadfastly hold the vision of the Violet Flame around them for about 15 minutes, their life would be transformed for the better in every way!

Many there are who are being distracted by the news media and their own erroneous thought patterns that keep them attached to concepts that are now outdated and obsolete. It is those people who have directly confronted and released these patterns who are setting the pace in a quantum way that makes history of all patterns that do not fit the new way of enlightened living. The old ways are seen only as something that failed humanity when it was implemented and therefore this is avoided by the new Earth reality Beings. Anything that makes humanity feel small and helpless is fast fading from the collective consciousness and is daily being replaced by terms and thoughts of upliftment, nurturance and empowerment instead.

Focus your vision on the new Earth reality and daily reinforce this practice. Use the common sense that you are richly endowed with to positively stay the course through the coming years of accelerated ascension for the Earth, humanity and all of her kingdoms, both known and unknown. Hold the space for the collective consciousness of the rest of the world to awaken to their own blessed connection with the Divine with deep heartfelt empathy, compassion and great patience – BE a blessing to all who cross your path and let your brilliant Light shine clear and bright. This can ignite their own Light in joyful and rewarding ways.

Keep your intent on maintaining the highest frequency that is available on the planet each day in safety, grace and ease and always stipulate that it is for the highest and greatest good of all. This is helping the ascension process in many diverse ways. Each of you has your own special gift to offer during these times so spend some moments of time each day to go within, sit in stillness, observe and contemplate. Your special gift is activated as you act on your intuitive guidance…all spiritual gifts you are given require the doing of them in order to develop mastery of them. Take that next step as you are guided to, even if you cannot see the outcome of it. It is all about trusting in your own internal guidance and following the promptings of your own heart.

The intensity of the cosmic Light will not abate, it will continue…we are attempting to filter the intensity of it into more subdued streams so that more of humanity can receive these energies into their physiology. This is a temporary measure in order to give the opportunity for more of humanity to become aware and get on board the ascension timeline – the ascended Earth – Golden Age reality. More and more people are making their free will choice to do this and we rejoice in this activity. Stay alert, awake, aware and grounded into the crystalline core of Earth daily…it cannot be stressed enough how important this is in the times ahead!

I AM St. Germain.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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