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Greetings, Beloved Lightworkers of the world,

We come to speak with you about what is occurring within the Angelic realms at this time. We are all galvanized into giving assistance to certain places upon the Earth that need balancing and reinforcement with the Light. These are areas where much violence is occurring and we are asking the Lightworkers of the world and those who specifically work with the transmutation of energies to give your thoughts, prayers and energy to stabilizing these areas of the world. When humanity itself specifically requests assistance and directs intention for these situations to be stabilized, we can then come in greater numbers to add our Forces of Light to join with you. All you need to do is call upon the Angels of Stabilization to go to these areas that need this assistance.

There are many Forces of Light that are working constantly to keep the Earth in stability and we will continue to do this to ensure that all is as safe as possible for all upon the Earth, nevertheless, sometimes there are some areas where other factors come into play and we cannot intercede. This is usually a karmic situation that must be played out and so we must accept and allow this. All is known at the higher levels and understood by those who have chosen to experience the upheavals to their lives and their reality. Those who lose their lives upon the Earth due to violence upon the surface are those souls who have agreed to take on a measure of the world’s karma in order that the greater whole of humanity can continue in the ascension process along with Earth. Send your love and healing Light to these souls, for it is a great gift they give.

We ask the Earth healers and workers to join with us each day to keep the forces of chaos from becoming overwhelming to those on the planet. We ask all Lightworkers everywhere to ground the cosmic Christ energies that flow through them into the core of the Earth, and allow the Earth to then decide how best to utilize these energies for the greatest and highest good of all. Know that the Earth loves and cares about all her inhabitants and wishes all to continue on with her into ascension. Know, dearest ones; that we are now in that time. Send love to the Earth and all of her inhabitants. Call upon us, the Angels of Stabilization to assist each day and we can work to create divine order and stability in these areas of violence and chaos.

We, the Angelic forces love you all so very much!

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