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                   ST. GERMAIN #1 - MARCH 2019


The above image of St. Germain was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 



 Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! What a joy it is to be put on the Scribe’s priority list! I, along with many others from the spirit world, usually stand in line to transmit a message or to have discourse with the inhabitants on Earth. Now, I am to have two opportunities each month to come forward in this way and I intend to use it to greatest effect. In the last message, I counselled the daily use of the violet fire decree as one very important way to dissolve the stuck energies or those that have come up for release. This is especially important for those of you who still expose yourselves to the latest trends on social media with messages to steer you away from the reality you want  in order to remind you of a reality that has still not manifested, that is less than it should be.

 This unnecessarily creates feelings of guilt in the sensitive ones and steers them off track. We all know that the world at this time is in the throes of incredible transformation. That anything and everything is being expressed by those who feel that people who hold a higher and happier vision of the world should be more focused and should be dealing with the current reality around them instead, which they want to perpetuate. What we see is that by holding the higher vision with a sense of exhilaration, anticipation and joy, this puts out a higher frequency which uplifts the energy of the collective consciousness. This is the highest alchemy at work and is exceptionally effective at focusing and creating a new field of consensus that is nurturing, healing and beneficial for all upon the planet. That is why we exhort you, the alchemists, to hold to the Light no matter what.

 This is the magical power that you as lightworker and initiate, wield, this is your power to create! It but requires a stubborn and dogged determination to take this action each and every day. The wizards of old were able to manifest great powers and accomplish great and miraculous feats through sheer persistence and belief in their ability to connect to the magical power that exists within them. In these chaotic times it requires a greater degree of focus and determination because there are so many counter forces at work to distract and delay. However, a few years from now, this work will become a way of life for many of you. As each of you proves to yourself that indeed, this power does reside within you, it will become a joyous adventure to explore the many ways one can use these abilities.

 In times past, there were wizards, adepts and masters who were trained by the best of the best, those that knew the laws of one and abided by the universal laws in their application of them. There were many Orders that an individual could choose to be initiated into and become an apprentice to, learning the craft they aspired to learn. People worked with the elemental kingdoms to affect weather patterns, to increase more abundant crops, to grow forests of trees that were specific colors to make into furniture and other items for household use, to charge stones and big boulders to hold and permanently sustain higher energies so that it lifted the consciousness field of many others in their vicinity. There were many healing Orders where one could choose to learn specific methods to help people heal in natural ways, utilizing the plant and mineral kingdoms for alleviating so many different maladies.

It was a time of adherence to the honoring of the divine within self and others. Those who became adepts or Masters knew that this skill would require much from them and that they were divinely guided and expected to assist wherever and to whomever, required their abilities. There were no thoughts within them to somehow shirk their divine responsibility to be of service. It was a divine calling and they knew that well. The people of their lands honored and respected these ones and held them in high esteem. Wherever they went, they were offered food and lodging and anything else that was required, all was given freely and with great reverence to them. These are some of the possibilities that are coming forward during these times. If you be one of those who are excited by these possibilities, then ask your higher guidance to be led to those who can teach you the way.

I AM St. Germain

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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