From St. Germain: 
New Year's Message


[Through Antera on December 30, 2017.]

I wish to address the Lightworkers of the world . . . all those who consider themselves Lightworkers, from those who have been doing work on the inner planes with Light for decades, to those who have only recently awakened to the greater reality and their skills on the inner planes . . . all of you are rising into your greatest expression now.

I will not promise that 2018 will be a smooth and easy year! Clearly that is not likely to happen. Many changes are in process, many shifts have already happened and there are many yet to go for humanity. Each of these shifts brings forth challenges for humanity to go through so that a greater consciousness can manifest. I mean the highest expression possible for humanity . . . the Divine Nature of the souls on this planet coming into greater awareness and letting go of the biggest illusions--materialism, separation, and the lack of love.

These illusions are in the process of being completely dissolved, but naturally those who are still holding on to these old concepts will fight, will try to hold on as long as they can to their hatred and their inability to love and have compassion for others. Many of the challenges that have been given humanity are because of this resistance from those who are not ready to shift.

But the Lightworkers of the world are doing their job well, and I encourage you to continue to do your job. Some of the more newly awakened souls have not yet gathered enough tools to help them along the way. If this is you, make sure you find your teachers and put this at a high priority--your healing, your gathering of tools to use and keep yourself balanced and moving from the heart. This is the highest priority, much more important than other aspects of your life. Find your teachers! There is no time to waste on trivial things.

And for the other Lightworkers who have been at this for a long time, we ask that you continue to hold your Light strong, hold your faith no matter what you see around you, no matter what chaos rears its ugly head! Your job is to remain strong within yourself. To do this I suggest all of you stay away from the media as much as you can. Break free of the propaganda! And I do not say this lightly. There is tremendous influence from the thoughtforms that are being put out to the population everywhere around the world! Stay free of this as much as you can and this will help you hold your Light strong and not catch those mass thoughtforms that tell you that everything is falling apart, and there is no hope.

I also advise all of you to remember not only your tools of healing and meditation, but humor. Keep humor alive! It is one of those human qualities that can shift tremendous negativity very quickly. You can look in the eye of the darkest energies and laugh at them! You have all done this, you know how well it works. I am asking you to use humor, as much as you can, every day, laugh at all of the negative things going on. This completely disperses the force of the negativity. And it does make life a bit more fun, doesn't it? You can also use it when you yourself are having negative thoughts. You can think, "How would the Ascended Masters find humor in this? How can I laugh about this? How can I shake this off?" This is going to be one of the big keys for 2018.

I thank you all for your dedication, for holding the light strong within yourselves no matter if others do or not. This is a very individual process, but collectively you are all connected. The unified front that Lightworkers are presenting now is what is carrying humanity through this shift! You are all connected on the inner planes and that connection is of utmost quality!

I thank you all! Those are my tidbits of advice for this next year. Like I said, I wish I could tell you that all is behind us. But you will hold strong through challenges, and fully engaged at this wonderful time!

My personal blessings upon each of you who read this. Thank you!

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