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                      ST. GERMAIN - JANUARY 2020

The above image of St. Germain was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 


Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! Upon the shoulders of the devoted ones, the Earth and her inhabitants has moved up another notch on the frequency scale. This is good news in the long-term perspective but can be a challenging time in everyday life circumstances for most people. Everything is in the process of change, including how individuals respond to the current happenings in their area of the world which can have a greater effect on the planetary well-being and energies as well. You, the Lightworkers, are advised to hold your equilibrium and maintain calm within. This too shall pass. More and more people are awakening to the fact that their emotions are being stoked and triggered to a fiery depth in order to initiate actions that are not conducive to the higher plan for the evolution of all life in this sector of the cosmos. All one has to do is make the intention to align to Divine Will for the highest and greatest good of all, each and every day.

When one centers within the holy space of their sacred heart, even the idea of making war on others is incomprehensible to the one who knows that love is the medium of exchange in the new reality – not economy, not competition, and certainly, not enmity. Peace is desired by all of the world’s people and they are getting impatient with those who want to hold the world and its inhabitants hostage by manipulating circumstances to seem true when they are not. They are looking at how headlines to articles are designed to distract people away from questioning what is really going on. The people of these times have become shallow thinkers – one has only to view the headlines of the ‘news’ stories as one connects to the internet to discern that. In actuality, what does it matter what one film star said to another, what popular singer left their partner and why, what the royals ate for breakfast, or any other such related inane questions? Is it not more important to focus on one’s own soul journey and evolutionary growth?

Yet, every day, individual power is stolen from these ones who are not yet awakening to the higher picture of their purpose here on Earth. They are not connecting the important dots – like what an opportunity their current lifetime is – for it is a chance to make quantum gains in their soul’s evolution. It is only at the end of one cosmic cycle and the beginning of another that such vast opportunities are available to be experienced and they were given this opportunity to make the most of it during this current lifetime. And it is in these times of now that the deeper meaning of their life can be accessed and made manifest. Yes, it requires the sacrifice of learning to live from the soul (spiritual) level instead of their (lower) human personality ego level. It requires learning more about the qualities of love that can help them to focus on the empowerment of their soul in order to gain freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth and become more of who they really are, a brilliant spark of the Divine!

When one moves beyond the shallow questions that keep one enslaved in thinking someone else is in control of all of life and begins instead, to think about and research what soul evolution is actually about, one can never go back to being an unquestioning enabler of those who would control and manipulate humanity for their own agendas, reasons and purposes. Finding one’s way to freedom of one’s spirit becomes a full-time quest for greater meaning and purpose in all that they do, think and feel. As they follow this path, they gain greater and greater clarity and discernment about what is actually true for them. They understand the reason for actions like changing their diet, habit patterns, and consumer activity. They begin to see that each choice they make is actually a vote of what is really of importance to them and they take what they feel is the right action to exercise their right to freedom of choice as a free spirit living life upon this free-will planet.

This path may seem overwhelming at first but becomes a way of life that is filled to overflowing with good and positive outcomes and results. They look forward to each day with enthusiasm, optimism and relish, knowing that living a spirit-filled life brings rich rewards. They have attracted benevolent higher spiritual beings to them who joyfully act as their guides and teachers along the way on their forward journey. With each good happening in their life, their everyday life circumstances take on an element of wonder and magic beyond anything they previously conceived as being in the realm of possibility. They have entered the realms of multi-dimensional living which brings greater opportunity to develop their spiritual gifts and abilities. This expands their questioning and thinking beyond former constructs and this is a very desirable occurrence which can catapult them to higher and higher dimensions of consciousness and they will be given access to these levels as they are proven to be trustworthy.

I AM St. Germain

©Marlene Swetlishoff

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