ST. GERMAIN - MAY 2018


The above image of St. Germain was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

 Beloved Lightworkers,

I come on the wings of love to speak to all of you about opening yourselves up to new experiences and in order to be able to do this, you must transmute all that no longer vibrates with fifth dimensional frequency from all levels of your beings and this requires the intention to do this and so I suggest that you state each day that you intend to transmute and release all that no longer serves you from your body, on all levels, in all dimensions, both known and unknown to you.

Call upon the silver violet flame to help you transform and transmute. The silver violet flame is the next level up from the transmuting violet flame. It is at a higher frequency rate and you are all ready to use this silver violet flame to cleanse, heal and transmute, so that it happens in a more accelerated manner, with grace and ease. Call upon the silver violet flame and the silver violet flame angels to come to you and to work with you to transmute as you release, call upon them to transmute all that no longer vibrates with your new frequency. Be willing and intend to let it all go, releasing it with love. Know that this is a very powerful practice.

There is an incredible amount of transmutation that is taking place within all of humanity at this time and within Mother Earth at her core. There are transmutations and transformations taking place moment by moment and we, from the higher dimensions are working unceasingly to ensure that all is done in the most balanced and protected manner for the Earth and all her inhabitants.

This is a very difficult and challenging time for everyone and those of you who have already completed your transformation and transmutation and have gone through the purifying fires, know that which your brothers and sisters are now beginning to experience. It is of the utmost importance that you hold your higher frequency and that you also surround those that you see in your sphere of influence with great love, that they may feel it, and release and let go of all that no longer serves in their lives, in their bodies, in their thoughts.

 You who have completed the cleansing process are now in the position to just stand and hold your Light each day, for this is of immeasurable assistance. The great days of transmutation and the shifting of consciousness of all of humanity is upon us. This is a most glorious time in the history of the planet Earth and we, from the higher dimensions have worked unceasingly through the ages to come to this point.

But I must add here, that it is you, the Lightworkers, who volunteered to come and to serve at this point in Earth’s history in the capacity that you are manifesting at this time, is what has shifted and made the difference, for no matter how much Light is being streamed from the higher realms upon the Earth, if there was not those who could transform and transduce this Light and ground it into the Earth, there would, at this time, be great chaos and destruction. It is your Light and your centeredness, and your knowledge, awareness, your peacefulness and ability to feel harmony as we all go through this transformation, that is creating this stability.

And so we ask you to keep on keeping on, Beloved Lightworkers. This will be a very eventful year with great strides being made in re-establishing the Light upon the Earth. Open your minds and your hearts to all possibilities and opportunities that present themselves to each and every one of you. Seize the moments as they occur and be open to expanded possibilities as two or more dimensions come into further alignment.

Practice feeling gratitude, giving gratitude, feeling joy - laugh, celebrate! Find reasons to celebrate! There are a myriad of possibilities upon the Earth that can bring you this great joy, this simple joy. It does not require having great amounts of money, all it requires is the awareness to look around you in your everyday life and recognize the miracles that exist in your space, right here, right now, where you are and feel the glory of this miracle, and celebrate this miracle. Your days, in this way can be filled with the miracle of life that is around you.

Become miracle makers, Beloved Lightworkers. Your Light, your laughter, your joy and your gratitude is much needed at this time, for it will hold the higher frequency for all of your brothers and sisters as they go through the cleansing process.

I AM St. Germain

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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