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                         ST. GERMAIN - MAY 2019


The above image of St.Germain was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.



Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love!  It is incumbent upon you, the wise ones, to strengthen and develop your mental and emotional bodies in order that your work as co-creators of the new reality can make its way into the new field of consciousness for imprinting the new template of the new Earth. It is as simple as invoking a short but powerful invocation or affirmation that puts you on the new footing as a member of the ascended master reality. Many of you have reached this level of spiritual attainment and it is now time to align even more with the Divine in all ways and in all things. In this, what is important to know is that the methods you have employed in order to reach this state of being worked exceedingly well and then to continue to persist in your efforts to raise the bar of spiritual Light and energy frequency for the entire planet and all of her inhabitants.

 Ordinarily, those who have attained the spiritual heights to a higher level of consciousness are celebrated by those who function at those levels. In this time of now, we give acknowledgement to the Adepts and then put them to work immediately! It is because there is still much that needs to be accomplished in the steps required to bring freedom to all upon the planet in a process that is more filled with grace and ease for all. Every day, there are changes that must be taken into account and harmonized with the overall Divine Plan so that everything proceeds smoothly. There are souls upon the planet that need to come into alignment with their particular purpose and mission so they can participate fully and add their energies to the further growth and potential of all. This process is occurring more often and will become more prevalent in the coming days.

This is going to be manifesting as more souls awaken in a way that propels them into their mission whilst running at full speed. These ones will suddenly know what it is they need to do and will just automatically start to implement it. This will cause others in their sphere of influence to react with shock and surprise at the abrupt change that is taking place within their significant others, be they family members, friends, life partners or soul mates. We advise great patience and kindness during these out of the ordinary happenings, all of which will be adjusted and balanced as events continue to unfold. All have been apprised at the higher levels of soul consciousness about what is occurring. It is important to attune and align each day with ones core essence and stay fully grounded even when it is difficult to ascertain what exactly is happening – especially then!

Now you begin to use your God given abilities in ways that you have never before imagined. As we all focus and work together and more of us gather in unity, this endeavor will become an activity that gets easier and more fun-filled. We, the ascended ones from the higher realms and those who are in physical bodies will see the value of the many working together to accomplish a single goal. Great strides will be made in the awakening of the collective consciousness so that there will be more acceptance of new ways of being and living amongst the entire population of the planet. The people will start to get on board and demand changes in those systems that need to be overhauled in all areas of human existence. There is already and will continue to be, movements occurring that will see great improvements in the protection of the Earth’s inhabitants especially in the areas of banning the use of toxic substances to control weeds and plants.

In the foreseeable future, providing a safe environment for all upon the planet will become of top priority. The will of the majority of the people focuses upon improving the health and well-being of all sentient beings. This restoration and rejuvenation will lead to the manifestation of a world that is filled with exuberant health, happiness, peace and prosperity for all. As the toxicity levels are reduced in all areas of the planet that were affected, the consciousness of its inhabitants will rise in response and this development in turn will eliminate a great deal of negativity that was a by-product of the toxins that were used with no accountability by those who would profit. In the coming decades, this will become a practice of the past which will be known as the ‘dark age of ignorance’ and the people and the planet will lighten up considerably.

I AM St. Germain

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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