STICHTITE CRYSTAL

From the collection of Marlene Swetlishoff

  A lovely lavender and fuschia colored stone. This stone aligns with the heart, third eye and crown chakras and the air and starlight element. Musical notes F and B.

 The Message:


  Channelled image of Stichtite Crystal Deva by Janine Keall

 We, the Stichtite Crystal consciousness greet you! We come forward to give a message to humanity as the Earth moves into a higher dimension of reality. We are a stone that allows individuals to access higher spiritual knowledge and teachings from the spiritual realms. We help them to expand their horizons beyond the physical realm and give clarity of understanding regarding their connection to the higher aspects of self. Those who are attracted to our stone are imaginative, artistic and creative thinkers. They are the visionaries in the world and hold high ideals and integrity and a strong inner contact with inner worlds and higher dimensional beings.

 Our influence gives our stone bearers the ability to remain mentally free to explore new possibilities, concepts and realities and to expand their personal horizons. Whatever they can imagine as possible and real is possible and this unique ability allows the individual to produce new expansive ideas and creations. We enhance ones ability to discern other dimensions and worlds and to experience other realities. This allows the individual to communicate with the higher dimensions and to perceive ideas and concepts that are beyond most people's understanding. This ability can stimulate creative imagination in others and inspire their sense of wonder in order to keep the idea of magic alive.

 Individuals who work with us are powerful spiritual beings who utilize the art of imagination and visualization and their creative talents to show people the unlimited possibilities of other realms. They can transform their visions into works of art which can enhance the lives of those around them. They can uplift, inspire and stimulate others to produce new and oftentimes, futuristic ideas that can be of tremendous assistance to humanity. We enhance the ability to make dreams come true and to manifest ones desires in the physical plane of reality.

 The influence of our stone upon the one who wears or works with it helps the individual to lovingly forgive any transgressions committed against them. We assist in the opening of their heart chakra which enables them to release the past in a way that allows them to move forward in their life. We facilitate the ability to see both sides of a situation which helps an individual to feel compassion and understanding for self and those who may have hurt them in the past. We encourage a softening of former inflexible beliefs and attitudes which can open the individual to more loving and peaceful relationships with others and with self.

 Our stone allows a person to see and experience their life from a joyful and positive awareness of the life around them while remaining free from expectations. This gives them the ability to live a much happier daily existence with a more philosophical attitude of ‘live and let live’. Working with our stone helps a person to be more positive and caring towards others and towards self and this will neutralize any negative emotions that may be directed towards them. In this way, we serve as a protective influence upon their physical, mental and emotional health and well being.

 We are complete with our message and look forward to working with humanity in the days ahead.

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