SUGILITE CRYSTAL 

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 This stone is a deep purple color with some blue and magenta at times and is aligned with all seven chakras and the etheric chakras above the crown. It is aligned with the earth, air, fire, water and starlight elements. Musical notes C, A sharp, and B

 The Message

We, the sugilite (pronounced with a hard ‘g’ as in 'go') crystal consciousness come forward to bring you our greatest appreciation for this opportunity that is now before us. We, the sugilite crystal stone have many attributes to give to humanity. It is specifically for these times that are upon us as we move into the new golden era that we can be of the greatest assistance to those who find the new energies overwhelming, to those who require the balancing of their energies on a daily basis. We, the sugilite crystal stone and consciousness can be of great assistance and the wearing of our stone is immensely beneficial to everyone who employs us in this way.

 We help to balance all of the chakra system from the root chakra right through the 12th chakra. We help through our energies to unite the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies and this is what is required to happen in the times that are upon us. In conjunction with the amethyst crystal and the selenite crystal, our energies and life enhancing abilities are greatly magnified and we can help open the third eye chakra to bring forward greater psychic abilities in each person who works with us. We enhance the smooth functioning of all the energy centers within the human auric field. We heal, smooth and repair any areas that have been damaged, that have been compromised. It is for this reason that we say that the wearing of our stone as a pendant around one’s neck will bring great benefits.

We are a comfort stone to the Starseeds who many times find themselves feeling alienated in their incarnation upon this planet. We help to soothe these energies and ground them into the Earth so that they function in complete harmony with the Earth energies. As the wearing of our stone continues, each person who utilizes us in this way is aligned with the greatest frequency in the universe and that is love. It is for these reasons that we are indispensable as we move forward into the great ascension of the planet and all of her inhabitants. We align our wearer with the truth of their own being and connect them to former lifetimes that are helpful to bring back the knowledge and the wisdom that they have gained.

We help to bring forward the missing pieces in everyone’s spiritual journey and facilitate the unfoldment of these. Working in conjunction with the previously mentioned crystalline beings, we can be of immense assistance in helping each person align to their highest divine essence. The various shades of purple, blue and magenta within our stone are very conducive to connect to the higher realms. It is the magenta ray in perfect balance with the red and the blue that is the ray that is required to be balanced and brought forward for the next step of humanity’s journey into a higher realm of being.

Our energies help to soothe, relax and align all energy centers of the human body which helps to heal anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. We bring a state of calmness to each person who utilizes our stone for the greater purposes for which we were intended. By aligning all the chakras from the lowest to the highest, we bring equilibrium that will be much appreciated as we move forward into the transition between the old paradigm and the new.

Those who are healers and utilize our energies in their work with their clients will find the way opening to bring healing in many areas that were considered impossible before. And in our enhanced capabilities as we work together with the amethyst crystal and the selenite crystal which helps to facilitate a greater connection to one’s Light body, great strides can be made in the area of energetic modalities, healing modalities. As humanity and the Earth move forward into the higher dimensions we will come to be known as the ‘faithful ones’, the ones who never let the healers and their clients down. We’ll be known as the miracle workers.

We are so grateful for this opportunity to bring forth some previously unknown truths about us. We bless everyone and thank them for their interest and attention. So be it!

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