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    A soft brown stone with golden, coppery highlights sparkling within. Aligns with the sacral, solar plexus and crown chakras and the fire and starlight elements. Musical notes E and B.

The Message:

We, the sunstone crystal consciousness come forward to speak with humanity. Throughout the ages, we have been valued as a stone that draws good luck and good fortune to the bearer. We are considered to be a stone of abundance. Warriors in the past would ensure that our stone was on their person before going into battle as they believed they were protected by the Sun God.

We bring uplifting and joyful energies into the human energetic field and it is in this capacity that we excel in our assistance to those who suffer from depression and its debilitating effects by influencing and enabling the individuals to think more positive and happy thoughts when they are wearing or carrying our stone.

We are an empowering influence upon the human consciousness. We help an individual to remember their Divine origin as we emit a golden coppery Light. We sparkle and glitter in the sunshine and bring an element of magic into ones daily existence. We sustain and maintain self esteem and confidence within an individual’s mental image and knowing of themselves.

When an individual wears our stone, their energy field takes on a golden glow as it is a higher frequency that brings to them the cosmic Christ influence. This influence can put them into a deeper meditation connection to this higher aspect within themselves. This is invaluable for those who consciously aspire to ascend and transcend the mortal plane in order to align with their eternal Self.

Due to our benevolent and positive influence upon the human energy field, we work to heal the emotional aspects of one’s being, bringing healing and balancing to this area of the human psyche. This has a synergistic effect upon all energy vortexes of the human body bringing to the individual a constant state of well being.

We are grateful for this opportunity to share our message with you.

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