Exploration of Atlantis Temple of Illumination Reading 



through Jocelyn Joy Thomas

December 11, 2018

Joy: What we are looking at today is we are going back to Atlantis but what we are looking at is the Temple of Illumination in Atlantis. In previous Readings done for you, they said that you were working there in Atlantean times prior to the shift. “I do see you in a position of support in the Temple of Illumination and Healing, helping”. Also as “a guide in the Temple of Illumination in Atlantis”

 Your questions are “What was the function of the Temple of Illumination in Atlantean times. What did it entail for someone to be serving there? Was it like the Temple of Truth in Crete?”

 I am asking your Guides to come forward…Master Hilarion comes forward…I really feel him very strongly right now…right up against my energy…we are asking for a picture of what the Temple looked like when you were there…just in case it changed at some point. First thing I can say is its physical location feels to be rather higher over things. What I am seeing it as is kind of in the mountains and there being, fog or clouds, so it sits high up and the reason is, so you can look down at everything.

 Hilarion is saying, “She was in this time (you, Marlene) setting order to things – setting things right, making it so things are brought to truth (things being toppled over and then being brought right-side up) and so there was some element of chaos in the world that you would see to clean up, clear up or make right. There was also some semblance of disorganization and a lack of coherent thought – almost like people were like chasing their tails, for lack of a better description.”

What it feels is that there is a need for illumination or for truth or Light and that there was a collection of people that began to ‘shine it’, if you will, down into the population and it created a certain order that then existed for a stretch of time, peace came about, order came about, illumination came about and the society as a whole was able to benefit from this and carry on for a longer time than they would have.

 Ultimately, as we know, things did fall apart, but this somehow kept things stable longer. So you and a large group of people were sending Light down into the population to right things, to help them put things in order and illuminate them. There was great change for quite awhile and this allowed for Atlantis to exist for a longer time, I would say, a few more centuries, perhaps, it feels lengthy like that but it just feels like a block of time.

 The Temple of Illumination was much like a Lighthouse would shine, a Light for ships to see in the dark and stormy nights, especially foggy nights when it is really hard to see. So you were sending a Light into the population where it feels like there is a lot of confusion within them. This is very, very similar to today and I can see where these energies want to re-emerge and your higher consciousness wants to awaken to these things and bring the skills that you possessed then because of the same kind of situation, a lot of darkness where ships are losing their way, so are people in these times in Atlantis and these times today. I am being shown a correlation between then and now, essentially you functioning as a Lighthouse or a Light in the dark.

 Let us go now to the function of the Temple of Illumination. So first of all, we have to understand the Light, the process of the Light and how you were able to illuminate it or send it down to the people. The Light itself is created by intention and I feel that is something done by a collective, it wouldn’t be something that one person can do. Since it is going to a large expanse of people, it would mean a large expanse of people to send it down and the same would be true today and they (the guides) are going to keep up with that correlation, then and now.

 First thing I am hearing is that in order to do this work at all, you have to be an ascended being. Why? (Joy) In my own words, you would have to be able to rise in your frequency enough to not only reach this level but to sustain this level. And then, the next part of it is, you are up at this particular level but then it is about ‘harnessing’ the Light (which there is an endless supply of the Light) but you are able to harness it and send it down in a very specific pattern. I just see it going down and then spreading out in packets of Light or circles or ovals, one of those shapes, something along those lines and also sort of like a beam, it is going out as a beam or a column of Light, kind of like a wave.

 Each person is contributing to that beam of Light and it is something that is done in a meditative state with very focused intention and that is done in an answer to what I would call, a cry for help from the population. So it would be certain members of that population praying, doing ceremonies, these types of things to ask for guides to assist them, for the universe to help them to bring about peace into their population and I feel like this was the response for that.

I am hearing Light Activation code enabled (activated) now in you (Marlene). Something along these lines where Hilarion and these other guides present in which I don’t feel was a past life, it feels like you are an ascended being, it does not feel like you are incarnated. I feel like this whole building is probably energetic rather than actually there…that’s my feeling of it. If you were an incarnated being, you would have to be an ascended being or somebody who could walk in both worlds so I am leaning more towards an energetic Presence and the whole Temple being energetic but the thing is, it is known to those people who were calling out for help. It is not that it is a secret - it’s just that the entire population wouldn’t know about it.

Light Activation Code enabled…(I, Marlene, ‘saw’ a quick image of a black and white type of mandala the night before I received this reading)…


 Joy: So the same skills that you possessed then is something embedded in you now in your consciousness and it is something that is being activated now because similar times are occurring…

 Marlene: (I felt/saw this image in the next few days but it had grown larger…I saw this image surrounding the left side of my husband one night while he was talking to me (he is very political in his viewpoints and I do my best to stay neutral when he talks this way) … a sense of black and white symbols and sharp edges around the perimeter like a star shape might have. (Hard for me to explain as I’m not usually a ‘inner visual’ person but would absolutely love to be).

 Joy: So the people who were/are awakened are calling out for help for the population because they are awakened enough to know that they can and they are awakened enough to know that there are beings who can assist. As we move into ascension, we will become more and more aware of that because if we are all energy, there is more that we become aware of and what that means and how we can function in the new reality as such. So I feel that these abilities that you possessed then are fully activated in the now.

Joy: Within this Temple of Illumination, it feels like there is also a great deal of knowledge. It reminds me of a library, like the great library of Alexandria, it is really an embodiment of multiple cultures and perhaps even off planet information because we are talking about a Temple that I feel is energetic so maybe rivals even the Akashic records. So here we are with this body of knowledge and when you are shining or sending down that Light, it is not just about healing – it is largely a part of that but another aspect of the Light is information. So the Light itself holds healing but also information.

 The Temple houses a great library as well. The reason for this is that information restores the psyche or energy of each person and information resets and that creates the healing. It is like they have been looking at it from the wrong end and so the information is restoring so they are looking at it the right way and this helps everything heal. It is something that is absorbed, it is not something that people are hearing or having to learn, it is just absorbed. It helps people to change their perceptions and see things with a healed mind or attitude or belief system or outlook.

 And so, it is changing even them and what it really does is in one simple word, it awakens them. The information helps bring them to a state of awakening because it delivers truth or returns them to truth. Now this is what the Light Activation Code enables you to do. This helps you to awaken, first of all, yourself, which you are already awakened - but whatever bits and pieces might be out of order, it aligns them such as the physical body, that kind of thing and once you are restored, you are in essence, able to be a beacon of Light once more.

 We could say to be a contributor to a larger beacon of Light so that all the different people who are embodying this beacon of Light will collectively share it into the population, into the planet, into the world in whatever direction we take. So for today, we are talking about a much larger population than when in Atlantis. And we are talking about (and this is the biggest thing) – you being in a body today versus being an ascended being in that Atlantean period.

 It is on purpose, I feel it is part of the plan and I feel that it is not just you, it is all of the one’s that were there at that time, have done this and most are reincarnated. There are some on the other side - it has to be that way because they are holding the space and helping on that side for the incarnated ones to carry the work out and make it happen, to balance this. So doing this in a physical body is a much taller order, in a way, but here’s the thing – back then in Atlantis when you did it, it was kind of an experiment. Can we do this, would this actually work – and it did!

 So now the thinking is, we know this can work, we know the technique works, we know that the same problems are happening again and we know what worked before but at this time, and this is not a surprise to anybody that’s incarnated, all of this is something that everyone knew going in, before incarnating. The difference is being incarnated and the reason that this element is there (being incarnated) is because the question was, can we do this on that level because if we can, we are going to be far more effective with the thinking.

We are going to actually be embodying the Light rather than just sending it down! And if we do it this way, can we not then prevent the end from coming like it did before? Because if enough of us are embodied and doing this, it is going to make especially more of a lasting impact, more balance, more healing. So that’s the difference. It took greater numbers for this project as you can imagine.  When one is incarnated, there is more density, so there is less of the potential for Light to come through.

 Even though when you are incarnated, a tremendous amount of Light can come through that person or be called on by that person, it is important to not send Light from your energetic field coming out of you, it is something that you are harnessing from the other side – that’s why there are holders on the other side – people that have been doing this with you and then channelling it down and out. So it’s almost like you are directing it but not coming from your personal store of energy in any way.

 It takes more incarnated Lightworkers than it did before because of the density of the planet and because each person is more denser than if they were in a lightbody. What that means also, is that there are greater numbers and that makes the beacon of Light very broad and expanded, more so than it was in Atlantis. So the Temple of Illumination right now, today, would be enlarged. You could think of it as hovering over a good portion of the planet Earth, for example.

And you are at once, in that Temple now and here incarnated so this is something of a dual experience for you. Some place that your higher self goes…I don’t mean that you are always working on this, and you’re always sending Light, you know, but you are a lot of the time and you have other focuses too so it’s just part of what you are doing.

 Joy: Is the Temple of Illumination like the Temple of Truth in Crete? I hear yes, but bigger, more profound. It is more outreaching, just more. Like a bigger project, I guess, you could call it. And I don’t know if all who are involved with the Temple of Illumination would be calling it that today…I hear Project Ascension. You can also interchange that word with 'Illumination'.

And I think this is what is really at the heart of the people who are incarnated in these times and are looking to reach a state of ascension and  help others to do that, which you know, what is ascension – it’s healing, it’s integrating with the soul and your guides, it’s understanding things from a higher consciousness, collapsing an illusion and moving into non-dualistic mind.

 So the idea of Project Ascension or Project Illumination you can see a lot of Lightworkers signing up for and deciding, yes, it's going to be a part of my mission, it’s going to be part of my plan but maybe it’s an overall plan of all of it. All - everyone who is awakening - that’s working in this field and interested in spirituality. So it’s about what you were looking at then and what your guides want you to see today.

This Light Activation Code is enabled now. If that is new to you, then I’d go into that with Hilarion and I would work on what that means and how is that going to change things, are there things you should be looking for, or if it is something that you are already aware of. Is it more activated now? Is there something maybe that’s shifted that’s allowed for more? Is there anything more? February 5, 2019 addendum: “The Temple of Illumination code is the gift of prophecy and clear seeing. You are already implementing and using it. You are like source central - other beacons take their cue from you. You are the way – on inner levels within them – they know this. You have begun to discern this is occurring.

 Just let it grow and expand into your entire hologram. Those who serve the galactic levels are aware and always supported. You are revered throughout the cosmos. Just relax – it is a innate part of your being returned unto you. Trust – when you channel Ascended Ones, Archangels, Angels and Galactic Beings, the activation code helps clarify, distill the essence of the truth and impart the truth to others who absorb and use the information/knowing in their own unique ways.

 Within self, you are becoming more Light. You are the holy word, a divine emissary imparting grace to others, a brilliant shining beacon and role model for others to follow and emulate. Relax, Dear One, you are on track – in all things – you are on track. Wait for the right timing – you will know what to do."

 I hear this – let yourself ascend! So there’s some little tiny thing still left, a cord, something – just imagine it, snip! Let it go and let yourself ascend, arise to this purpose. It feels very immediate when you do. It can be anything. It is ready for you to let go and ascend. I would just say to your guides, help me to let go of whatever last resistance I might be entertaining, definitely something I would not imagine being conscious of so that’s why you go to your guides to ask for help to release it. So there should be a shift when that happens…not only that but the Light Activation Code. This is something that feels like it’s timely and it’s meant to be.  

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