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Advanced Pulse Client

I had the pleasure of working with Marlene several months ago with the Advanced Pulse technique not knowing what to expect.  Marlene gently and expertly facilitated each step.  It was a very warm and comforting experience as  Marlene's beautiful inner energy enfolds you and helps you to relax as you discuss obstacles on your path to be addressed.  When done we take a moment of quiet, wherein she channels energy.     This is an experience in itself--if feels as if the energy from Source itself enfolds  you and lifts the burden off your shoulders.  Within the month, I noticed what was bothering me really no longer existed and I was able to move forward.  I have recommended her to both my lightworker friends and spiritual groups I have created, receiving a lot of positive feedback on their experiences. Marlene is the best!

Allayah Frisch, U.S.A.

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Advanced Pulse Client

Marlene Swetlishoff was introduced to me earlier this year and when we met and for our first session I was a bit confused on what to ask for. Her incredible warmth and kindness in conversation for clarity of limiting patterns and beliefs made it easy to ask for help and to be honest with myself first and foremost.

During our first session I gained tremendous insight to move forward using Shamanic Journeys to my own work until I hit another wall – knowing there was something that needed clearing. I was given visions of my Truth, quite a gift.

We had a second session of Advanced Pulse work where family patterns created by familial belief systems were revealed and cleared in such a short period of time with such Lighted Love. Again I was given visions

that were very experiential and healing as more insight was revealed allowing me to continue my own work, including finishing and publishing my book, “Ancient Wisdom for NOW! Crystals and the 13 Crystal Skulls”.

The last session was even more profound in releasing familial belief systems that I had taken on from my mother. Not only did I receive a wonderful healing filled with the compassion and respect that comes from unconditional love and acceptance, but also an ability to be a detached observer of the world...To see what was beneath the veils of illusion to see my TRUTH.

Each of the three sessions with Marlene Swetlishoff  built one on the other with the residual compassion and energy of previous work weaving a matrix of incredible change for me. This allows me to shine my own Light and Love into the world to help others shine their Light.

Marlene is one of the best healers that I have experienced and I’ve been doing Energy work consciously for 22 years. Her work pinpoints that which no longer serves and with a laser beam it is cleared. She can do up to 5 or 6 blockages per session which lasts an hour or less. It is the most efficient system I have experienced. Truly profound gifts of healing and insight were received from Marlene and I look forward to our next session.

Thank You Marlene for All that you do in Service.

With Respect, Love and Blessings,

Rev. Marilee Ann Snyder-Nieciak, BSc., U.S.A.

~* ~ * ~ *~

Internationally Recognized Transformational Author

Speaker and Empowerment Coach using Ancient Wisdom for NOW Shamanic Journeys

Drum Circles; Soul Retrieval

Akashic Records; Reiki

Quantum Biofeedback and Young Living Essential Oils #431711









Advanced Pulse Client

My Advanced Pulse session with Marlene was pretty remarkable.  I wanted to "clear out" one particular old issue that I was unable to let go of for many years. Even though on the surface I knew this incident was a minor one that had no impact on my life, I still held a grudge and could not forgive.  The technique pinpointed that the actual root cause of my feelings was anger. Not anger towards the individual, but rather that this person abused his power. There was a lesson to be learned from this, which I didn't realize until after my session. I'm finally able to release these old feelings of resentment and move forward.

Marlene is a lovely person to work with, and she possesses a beautiful healing energy. Thank you for helping me work through this issue.
Blessings, Mary

 Mary Dimino, U.S.A.


Advanced Pulse Client

Beloved Marlene:

I want to just sincerely thank you for all the work you have been doing with me. Advanced Pulse has been incredibly moving and shifting. Although I am familiar with many types of healing modalities, my hands have been finding sore places on my body and giving off a very different energy than I have ever experienced that heats up and pulses to the beat of a heart. I have asked what this energy is called, but it appears to have no specific name except that it is straight from Source - which lives through us and all around us.

Your work, your soul and energy you carry has been a beautiful blessing in my life. I love that the Pulse is still running long after our appointments, as it is such a beautiful energy. I may just have to learn more about it ;) With the work we have done together, I am really just going with the flow and truly feeling the non-attachment to what others opinions might be as I go through my healing process with Lyme disease. I know my body and I know my experience. What a great and powerful wisdom that women for centuries have been too disempowered to not honor.

Sending Love, Peace & Blessings,

Tina D'Amore, Damariscotta, ME, USA


Shamanic Healing & Animal Whispering


Advanced Pulse Client

A dear friend recommended Marlene and the Advanced Pulse Healing session. I immediately contacted Marlene to set up the time. There was part of me that knew a profound healing was going to take place and I was not disappointed. I am an energy healer who works the Animal & Nature Kindred and I love to explore other modalities of energy healing to integrate into the work I do.

When it was time for the session with Marlene, I could feel her sweetness, her loving heart, her desire to help others with their healing processes.

I had written down a few issues to be healed during the session. Marlene’s keen intuition guided her to find a root cause (which was on the list, actually). Some of the issues were linked to one theme – that I’m not good enough. Not good enough to receive abundance and prosperity, not good enough for love, not good enough…for anything.

It was this main issue that she worked with first. I could feel waves flowing in and through me. These waves were gentle but going oh, so deep within me. I could feel the Pulse going down into my cells, my DNA. I could feel layers of pain peeling away like the proverbial onion and the Pulses kept going deeper and deeper into my being. The weight of lifetimes of pain and grief began to fall away and I began to feel lighter and lighter, like I was expanding within the entire Universe.

There was a sense of calm along with the expansiveness as the Advanced Pulse session ended. Marlene advised there would be continuous healing and she was right. Even now, just a few months after the session, I can say that very deep healing has happened within me. Sometimes as the old pain kept surfacing, it was almost more than I could bear, but I had that faith there was going to come a time when I could truly say I had a deep healing. That time is now.

I highly recommend Marlene and the Advanced Pulse Healing. If you desire deep healing and are willing to make the space for the healing to happen, I can promise you will not be disappointed. Let the process work itself – take the time to receive the healing and let so much of your “stuff” just melt away. The rewards, the lightness of heart and spirit are worth it.






Advanced Pulse client

I’ve been engaged in an intense and deep energetic healing journey for more than ten years and when I had the opportunity to work with Marlene I wasn’t sure what there was left to work on.  All I can say is that surprising and unexpected issues emerged for release and healing during my session with Marlene. Thank you, Marlene, for being part of my healing journey!

Russell Boulding, U.S.A.




Lightwaves Energy Infusion Therapy client

Hello one and all!

I'm an oldey and a veteran of energy work. I finally found something that works. I've had three sessions of the lightwave activation and this is really what we've all been waiting for. The new wave in healing. The knowingness when I experienced it was on every level of my Being. Probably because it emcompasses every level of your Being. This is what will assist in connecting with All that is. It is assisitng me in connecting with my Divine magical child which is what most of us are having trouble with. That memory and part of us that knows Magic, that is fun, playful, grounded, and happy. I feel more connected, grounded and calm. I'm planning on continuing with these sessions.

Many thanks Marlene!

Blessing, Santara Porter, Roseville, CA

* ~ * ~ *

 Hello again,

I would like to share an update on my Lightwave sessions. After the fourth session I have the ability to not only see a bright star on the left hand corner of my bedroom wall at night(higher self)  but I am able to see more clearly the orbs of light all around me. In general feeling safer to be  in my body. I am definitely going to continue with my weekly sessions.

Further update:  In the evening of our last session when I closed my eyes that night a whole page of Divine language symbols appeared and I heard that I'm anchoring my crystalline solar light bodies. So many frequencies are going on within me  weaving in and out, upward and outward and sideways that I really can't believe I can be able to be in a physical body at all. It just doesn't seem possible. My third eye has opened a lot since I started. I would say that the Lightwaves assisted me in Remembering so I could do this with more grace and ease.

Much love and thanks Marlene!



Testimonial from a recent Lightwaves Energy Infusion session client, Isabelle Baillie, B.C. Canada

My Lightwaves session with Marlene was very insightful on a deep level. The journey covered Angelic Guides, 5 elements, essential oils, chakras, vitamins, and manifestation numbers, to name a few areas.

 *   Lavender surfaced 6 times and lemon surfaced 7 times as a confirmation that these oils are needed by my body for purification.

 *  The "Seven Golden Pyramids in Egypt" as one of the Accelerator frequency infusions turned out to be connected to "Victory of the Seven Suns", a phrase in a recent channeling. This provided the clarification and insight I was looking for.

If you are considering doing a Lightwaves Energy Infusion Therapy session, I highly recommend that you try it!


 The process of shifting in awareness is a constant unfolding experience.  When my dear friend Marlene offered me the experience of a Light Waves Energy Infusion, I had no idea what to expect.  I have experienced Marlene's energy before and it always has been a

powerful experience.  This time, I was totally blown away by this energy activation, to say it mildly.  As a facilitator of  this activation, she steps into her higher self, she is a pure light connection to Source.

Like an alchemist she bathes you in the energy of many color rays and blends in both crystal consciousness, plant medicine and animal symbolism energy.  Through her intuitive approach, she personalizes this session to what you need for your higher awareness.  Now as a caretaker of many ancient crystal skulls and energy relics from star elders,  I thought that I already experience a high level of vibration in my work but my experience with Marlene tops this…  If you are truly serious  about seeking self awareness and healing, I strongly advise a session with her.  There are many lightwave therapists but Marlene’s energy brings a true uniqueness to the session, with warmth and compassion.  She has truly stepped into her light to aid and support those drawn to her.

One heart, Allayah






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Lightwaves Energy Infusion Therapy session

I had a Lightwaves Energy Infusion session with Marlene and during the session I had a KNOWING that something was happening as if someone was turning some very important keys.  I set aside any expectations and just flowed with the waves of Light that were pulsing through me.  In the following two weeks, I noticed a feeling of lightness, clarity and deep sense of purpose. I also noticed that others perceived my light and began asking questions and asking me for healings.  I have been having very vivid dreams and messages which I can remember upon awakening. The best way to understand it is to experience this session because words cannot describe it. In the weeks following the session I received so much information, it was  almost like downloading a personalized manual explaining my path and putting together the pieces. Thanks again, I am absolutely SURE this was meant to be.  I will be in touch!


After 2nd Session:

It is like someone has suddenly rung a bell. I have been meeting such lovely people, interested in the spiritual journey. I have been giving healings which have been AMAZING to say the least. I feel almost "on fire" with love and joy and excitement.  I really think the combination of the Equinox Portal and the 2nd Lightwaves Energy Infusion session have given me the extra help to take another great leap.

Thank you! thank you! thank you!

Love Cathy, Italy


Lightwaves Energy Infusion Therapy session

Hi Marlene,

I wanted to let you know since our meeting over the phone last week I have been feeling much more calm. Also more focused and going with the flow. Hard to put into words. I  trust all will be well. I trusted but had moments of doubt- frustration - anger and irony.

I am much more clear on what to let go of that what does not serve me . If I let go it is not by walking away or avoiding . By facing" it" while  being clear on a higher level that I am fine with this and not fine with that.  I am being  tested around this  and smile when the drama's do not affect me. So glad with the help and I feel my support team unseen friends everywhere. I am also meeting wondrous new people and saying goodbye to old ones with love.




Lightwaves Energy Infusion session

Hi Marlene,

 "Thank you so much again, I have been experiencing some really welcome clarity, calm, and revitalization sincethe session, and connection to chakras that needed attention for some time! Some fear that fell off me must have also fell off my 5 year old son, he was more open to trying new food that same night (longstanding issue with him!)"

Love Kim, U.S.A.

* ~*~*

©Marlene Swetlishoff. All rights reserved.

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