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What It Means When We Say 'The Time Is Now'

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Beloved Ones,

We come on the wings of love! What is meant by the term ‘The Time is Now’? What we of the Ascended Realms mean when we say that to you, is that the energies and the alignments that are happening now are auspicious to gain greater benefit for you and humanity, and so it is important to focus on that which you want.

There is, right now, great movement happening within the Earth, upon and around the Earth. There is energy going into every space and place within each person and within the Earth which is bringing up many energies - most especially within people, at this time, and this will happen more frequently as the days continue, so you, the Lightworkers, who respond when we say ‘The Time is Now’ help to keep the Earth and all her inhabitants stabilized in relative peace and harmony. 

For as you stand in your Light, Dear Ones, you bring in the great stabilizing energies. It is in the grounding of your Light into the center of the Earth’s crystalline core, which stabilizes and radiates outwards upon the surface, and affects even the weather patterns. All is inter-related, all is One and so if the energies that are being processed, expressed and manifested through humanity at this time is coming through at a great rate all that needs to be released, there needs to be grounding to keep the Earth in a more stable place. There are many areas that are manifesting these energies at this time and so it is very important that we get as many Lighted Ones upon the Earth to work with us in this way.

Also the term, ‘The Time is Now’ refers to this most wondrous time in the history of the Earth, this graduation, if you will, from the lower dimensions into the higher dimensions of life and living. For the very first time in the Earth’s long history, humanity as a whole race, has the opportunity to rise into the higher vibrations and take their physical bodies with them. This has never occurred anywhere in the universe before.

There are many who are participating in the higher etheric realms to help bring this about and when their assistance is called upon by you of the Earth, this gives them the opportunity to step in and add their considerable power and energy to bring this about. Whether you remember in your waking consciousness the work we do together, be assured that we do consult together upon the higher etheric planes and we know each new step and we work together to accomplish those. The Great Light that is being beamed down upon the Earth from the Great Central Sun is very powerful in its intensity and has to be ‘stepped down’ as it were, in order for humanity to absorb, assimilate and integrate these energies.

There is a great cooperation in unity and purpose that is occurring from our planes of existence and the Earth planes of existence with each who is willing to be of assistance in this way. This will continue more frequently in the days ahead, many more of you are joining in this effort. As each of you becomes aware that this is occurring, you become willing on the higher levels to take on this task to assist us in this way. There is much that is being accomplished, but there is more work that has to be done, so therefore, ‘The Time IS Now’, Dear Ones, the time for the work that still has to be done is at hand.

Those who have been holding the Light upon the Earth for many, many, many years, need to know that there is a Light at the end of the tunnel, for they grow weary of holding the Light. When these individuals read these messages, they feel heartened and strengthened to continue on for a little while longer. They are inspired to continue, to keep on keeping on and so this is why we use this term, ‘The Time is Now’ to indicate that there is just a few more steps to complete, from the cosmic viewpoint, until the Divine Plan is fully anchored upon the Earth.

Many of you would be amazed at the many meetings that we actually have with each of you, in groups and individually, upon the Inner planes. Many of you have remembrances through your dream states, many of you are trying and can’t seem to remember your dream states and that is for a specific reason, Dear Ones. There are those whose part in the Divine Plan has not yet come to fruition and so, awakening full remembrance at this time would not serve the Divine Plan.

Be patient, all will be revealed in the fullness of time and with these new greater energies that are flowing into the Earth plane at this time, it is facilitating full remembrance and consciousness within each of you. Remember that there are great changes that are occurring within your physical bodies, changes that have been implemented for several years. There are also many people upon the Earth who are just beginning that process and so it behooves each Lightworker who has been going through this to be understanding and patient with those who are just in the beginning stages of this.

All is planned to proceed with the least disturbance and upset. Those of you who have been working with us always request that every change that happens within the Earth and upon the Earth, and within humanity, be done in grace and ease and protection. And so, we try to accomplish this as a unified force working together and this will continue in the days and months ahead.

Much Light is being anchored to the Earth each day. There will be many who choose to leave the Earth at this time and in the months ahead but that is through the choices that they made. Each who is living upon the Earth at this time has chosen to be here, to be a part of this Great Awakening and the great change that is happening and those who are leaving and will continue to leave, are those souls who have chosen not to experience the days ahead. All is as that which was chosen by each soul.

And know also that ‘The Time is Now’ for each Lightworker to hold and anchor their Light and learn how to not take on the energies and issues of others. Many, many of you are experiencing this as very challenging at this time. It is very hard to watch your loved ones struggling with their issues and the energies that are coming forth, and not allowing yourselves to become enmeshed with their issues, for you have already worked through most of your own issues.

What is essential for you to realize at this time is that many of the issues that have been coming forth within you at this time, are not your energies, so do become aware of this. Awareness is 90% of the battle. Once you know that the energies that you have been processing are not yours, it becomes easier to stay detached. Just continue to ground your Light each day and all will work out according to the Divine Plan for the highest good of all concerned. Our love, Light, support and assistance is always with you.

Copyright© Written by Marlene Swetlishoff.

Published on September 14, 2021. All rights reserved to the author and originator of this content and www.therainbowscribe.com. I DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY DISTRIBUTION OF THIS CONTENT ON ANY WEBSITE, BLOG, YOU TUBE CHANNEL OR ANY VIDEO PLATFORM OR FACEBOOK PAGE. My content is for your personal use only!