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I come to bring greetings to all who will read or see this message. I am Allanah, angel of truth. I work with many other angelic beings to help humanity in their quest for truth, the truth of their own being first and foremost, for that is what the spiritual journey upon a material planet is all about. It is the journey back to the full realization of ones Divine self. This journey can be one that is filled with difficulty, for in truth, humanity has for millennia, been very reluctant to fully face themselves in all their aspects. They have been reluctant to accept truths about themselves that they harbour deep within them.

This is where we, the angels of truth, can be of great assistance, as we can connect to you when asked and help you to face those difficult points of truth within yourselves, within your consciousness that you are ready to acknowledge, accept and transmute into a higher version and vision of self. We observe that for many of you, truth has come in the form of a sense of unreality, a sense within individuals who feel that they do not belong in this reality, but at the same time they know there is no place else to go. They intuitively feel they made a contract to manifest in a physical body and it is required that their physical body be transmuted and transformed into a more ethereal and light-filled vehicle.

This process is now in full manifestation upon your planet. You are inundated with truths that are difficult to accept. You are inundated with old paradigm realities that are seeking to distract you from the journey that you have chosen to take, the journey of light, the journey back to Source, to your Divine essence, the truth of your being. There are also at the same time, the higher energies that are filling your entire auric field which are creating change and initiating transformations bringing regeneration, a regenesis of your entire bodily vehicle.

 This time, although difficult, can be made easier if each person would listen and hear the inner guidance from their heart and ask the angels of truth to help them to see clearly all that they need to see in order to move forward and release and let go of all that no longer serves the illuminated path of love and service that they walk. We work with each of you who call upon us, we help each individual to see clearly that which they have had confusion with, which seems to be a part of their being. We help each individual to see that sometimes it is not their own individual energies that they are processing but that these energies that they are feeling are that of the collective consciousness.

Through this process you are assisting your spiritual brothers and sisters to move forward on their path, to see their own truths clearly. It is in knowing self as one faces certain truths that illumination occurs. To walk the path that is inspired, that is brilliant, one has to allow and let the Divine be in their hearts, one has to allow the Divine to be in their daily labours,  to be in every facet of their life in holy surrender to the greater truth of ones Divine essence. As this surrender to the Divine occurs, wondrous and beautiful synchronicities appear for them in their life and these bring blessings of further wonderful revelations and truths to the surface of their consciousness.

Sometimes during this process, old thoughts and old energies arise. Recognize that this is old energy and replace those old thoughts with new and more empowering thoughts. Focus upon that new thought and allow the old energy to leave your system and disperse and dissolve. I, Allanah, who represents the angels of truth, see that you are brave and fearless individuals, souls who are termed ‘old souls’. You have been through much but you have a great faith and belief in the Divine and it lives within your sacred heart. As you connect and deal with your truth, it is easing your spiritual journey of evolution in a wondrous way.

We assist each one of you to accept the truths of your greater potential, that you are greater than you have ever imagined. This is the task and the challenge at this time, to truly accept your Divine nature, that you are so much more than you have ever believed before. Be good to yourselves, be kind and loving, be the role model of the Christed one. We honour your requests and will never fail to answer your calls. In love and light, on behalf of all the angels of truth, I, Allanah, bless you! Be at peace.


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