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 Note from Marlene, the Scribe:

I am posting this Reading I received through Astrea in 2011 because it is now time for me to acknowledge my Keepership. When I received this reading, I was overwhelmed and clearly not ready for it ... I still feel overwhelmed about how to accomplish all this...I know I have been doing some of this work but am at a loss as to how to move forward with it. As before, I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway to acknowledge my Keepership. 


Tsu’tama: Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Your channeled reading of Keepership and Life Mission opens the doorway through which you will discover the Jewel of God you hold as your especial gift of great power and fulfilment … and is channeled from the Source records of the akasha by Astrea, Angelic Mother of the Keepers' Lodge and Keeper of the Akashic Records.

Your reading offers you the title of your keepership and an explanation and overview of your unique gifts … that gift of God, your own spark of Godhead ... through which you bring the Light of God in your own individual stream of consciousness, to Earth.

Your keepership is your stream of God consciousness which you have expressed in all of your galactic lives in varying forms  ... in truth, your gifts are unlimited and often beyond human comprehension.   It is this unlimitedness of which the Masters often speak when we are told that we are able to heal all that ails us …  and so we are enabled to first heal ourselves of all limiting patterns and behaviours … and often it is in the healing of ourselves that we bring our unique tools of healing to the Earth .. so that they may be shared by all. 

You have chosen in this lifetime to bring your Keepership to the physical plane for the benefit of all …  and in freewill, you will use the passion of your heart and the heart’s dreams that fulfil you … to express and share your gifts in your own unique way. 

Hold your awareness of your divinity and of the divine gifts you hold … and of your Keepership … always within your heart.  There may be times when the fears and limitations of the physical and the struggles of Earthly life may result in your doubt of your gifts and your Keepership.  Hold your Keepership firmly to your heart and know of its truth. 

Galactic Name:Tsu'tama

You may sing your galactic name every day, every time you think of this.  Sing your galactic name.  You will come to love this name … and may call your galactic presence in to be with you, to embody you more and more … by calling to that one, singing the name. There may be a reaction to the name, a resistance. There are many reasons for this.  But if you will persevere and continue to sing your Galactic name, you will come to love this one so dearly.


Sacred Keepership Ceremony

 Holding a sacred ceremony in which you acknowledge that you hold your keepership and dedicate your physical life to embodying your divinity in that particular stream of god consciousness you hold within your keepership .. will allow the universal realms to witness your willingness to surrender to your divinity, to your keepership, to embody your divinity and to assist humanity with the power you hold.  At that moment, all the assistance of the heavens is there for you .. and will remain with you .. as you open to initiations of self knowledge, of trust, of belief, of power, of love.

You may activate your Keepership in your own sacred space .. or may wish to create a ceremony where soul family share in this, acknowledging who you are, and honouring and holding sacred space … and they will receive from you your frequency, as gift for this holding and sharing and acknowledging they offer you. You may wish to sing your language of Light to them, or offer your frequency in some other creative way.  You may wish to sing your Keepership mantra to them and to show them your Keepership code.


Activating your keepership every day

 By activating your Keepership every day, you will come to anchor this Keepership to the Earth plane, and to embody it.  It is a gradual process and there will be initiations of trust and acceptance and of power and love involved within the embodying of your Keepership.

You will come to embody the frequency of your Keepership once it has been anchored to Earth, and this is a gradual process.  When your Keepership is wholly grounded, you will embody the power, the light and the love of your Keepership and will share this wherever you walk, with whomever you meet.  Just by opening your heart to another, you share your encodements, your frequency, your love, with that one.

You assist all of humanity by grounding your Keepership to Earth.  Each time you anchor your energies deeply in the middle of the Earth, Mother Gaia receives your encodements with gratitude. Your encodements are also transferred, downloaded .. into the grids, the leylines, the songlines, the portals of the Earth … where they are available for all to access.  You work on many dimensions, many of these unconsciously and in your dream state.

You embody and offer your Keepership through your frequency … especially through your heart, your voice, your hands, your creations.  When singing your language of Light, you are embodying your divine presence and sharing this frequency, this love, the gifts you hold within your Keepership … with all who hear your voice and who share in its frequency. When you open your heart to another, they experience your frequency and receive great healing. Those who are in need of what you especially have as your unique gift, which they are in need of … will instinctively gravitate towards you … and through you opening your heart to them, they receive from you.

 Begin to embody your Keepership, to add its title to your business cards and correspondence, your fliers. That select band who resonate with you and your Keepership will find you, will be attracted to your name, your Keepership, your frequency.  They will find you.  You work on many levels, many of them unconsciously!

It is in the acknowledgement that you have anchored and embody your Keepership that this occurs. Your Keepership is a treasure … and it is a privilege and an honour to receive this remembering … an awakening occurs … and the path to greatness and to completion is stepped upon.


Mission Council

The members of your Mission Council who are named are those of the Ascended Masters and Archangels and great emissaries of Light who walk with you in your physical mission.

Continuing to work with your own distorted and negative behaviour patterns will bring great peace to your life and will self-empower you.  As distorted behaviours, memories, patterns, programs and records increasingly release … a vacuum is created … which the Family of Light immediately fill with soul gifts … replacing that which is distorted with that which is divine.

Increasing your frequency

 By opening your column of Light daily, you allow a great influx of Light to fill you and to add to your vibration and your frequency. Each time you sit in meditation with your chakras open, with your crown chakra open … connected through the suns and moons to the Source realms .. and securely grounded and anchored into the centre of the Earth … you allow much assistance to come to you. Each time your chakra column of Light is open in meditation, many beings of Light are able to assist your Lightbody … restoring, repairing, activating, replacing, releasing dualities and distortions.  If you meditate daily, great acceleration occurs on your path.

Reading below:

 Tsu’tama (sounded Soo-Tama-Ah),

Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

 Beloved, that which you hold in grace is the orchestral wave of the divine, the music of the spheres as they pertain to grace and the magnetic impulses which mirror and return every act of unconditional love and positive intent. As God’s handmaiden, you offer boons and blessings of grace according to divine plan and universal law.

 You hold in Keepership the Symphonies of Grace, that which attain perfection and hold interconnected all realms in the wonders and the blessings of the divine that are available to be accessed throughout all existence. The Symphonies of Grace encompass all boons and blessings of the divine from all realms and dimensions.

You hold ability to access these realms of magnificence, where all is merged in divine order and perfection, and to attain and bring back the blessings and boons from these realms. The Symphonies of Grace connect with and encompass the mergence of all realms of perfection and of divine blessings.

You hold role within group energies to interconnect with the Symphonies of Grace and to equalise all realms to bring order and perfection. You also hold role and have gift and ability to bring that order to the physical plane, to Earth … for self … and for others, particularly for Lightworkers who are in need of blessings of grace and assistance to aid their physical path and their role of Light for humanity.

 The realms of grace are held under the guardianship of the angelic ones … and it is in group role that you hold your guardianship of the Symphonies of Grace … with the gift and ability to offer grace and blessings … to act as an intermediary and intercessionary agent of the divine, on behalf of humanity, and those who individually have need of access to the realms of grace which you hold within your care.

Dear one, you hold within your grasp the interconnecting pulses and spheres of sound and of Light which hold the grace streams of the universe, and in connecting with these realms you are enabled to access that which enables manifestation to come into form.

When those who are in need make requests for grace and blessings of the divine, you hold ability through your connection with all realms of existence from which  flows of grace originate, to offer that which is requested. The Symphonies of Grace within the perfection of the divine plan hold connection with the realms of synchronicity and the Flower of Life.  Your particular role is in raising your frequency to the highest, and flowing and interconnecting with the Symphonies of Grace, and equalising your own energies through this flow … and journeying also to the Symphonies to restore balance and harmony between all dimensions … holding the ability also to bring this order and perfection to the physical plane.

 You hold connection with the akashic library upon Sirius, accessing a data bank of information which holds capability of knowing of all of the existences of all sentient beings, of all of their experiences, of their divine path of Light and of their position on their path, of the initiations they have successfully passed through, and of those still to complete.

And there is a library of grace, that has accrued through all time and space and all dimensions to which you have access, and you have the ability to apportion from that library of grace that which from your own judgment of truth and purity you desire to gift, wherever required.  You may also use the bank of grace for creation purposes, to create new realities, new paradigms for humanity, singularly and en masse. And the flows of grace are transmitted and carried by the Symphonies … to all who hold the mirror of love, truth, purity and trust.  The Symphonies of Grace bring as mirror that which is requested by those who hold purity of heart and trust in the divine.

 At the very core of a being, wherein is held their principles of truth and integrity, of purity, of justice, of fairness, of love of self and love of all … there is knowledge which is known by you of the levels they hold of altruism and of perfection and of the levels of initiation to wholeness they have reached … and of the especial assistance and privilege given those light workers who walk so strongly and bravely on their path. 

And it is to these ones most of all that you apportion the transmissions of the Symphonies of Grace that they may find release from the disempowering nature of their memories of ancient earth experiences, those times when in service to the divine they became enmeshed and entrapped in duality and suffered so grievously.  You hold ability to synchronistically apportion spontaneous blessings upon those who are in need and to bring back order and perfection.   It is through heightening your frequency that you are enabled to journey to the Symphonies of Grace, and to act as a transmitter of the pulses and transmissions and waves of grace, and to bring these back for self and on behalf of others.

You work within universal law and divine plan, and as all inexorably move towards completion, to wholeness, to divinity, to oneness with their god … you play role in particular of allowing, through the transmissions of grace you access, that which is required to free that one of all distortion and karmic imbalance and to allow, in restoring to order and perfection, the attaining of wholeness and ultimate ascension.

And so it is the Lightworkers and those most strongly on the ascension path whom you may most bless. Those who walk so strongly forward and who are in need of many blessings of grace upon their path of Light … you may assist these ones in offering the transmissions of grace that will see them restored to order and perfection, able to walk more strongly, more powerfully, more lovingly, with ease, on their path to completion and to Light.  You hold ability to work with these ones, to listen to their requests and to put into place the flows and transmissions of grace which will create realities for them which will bring order and perfection to the divine plan.

There will be those who come to you, and you may rely upon the universal plan to bring these ones to you for they have knowledge of that which you may offer them … you may raise your frequency, connect with the grace realms and the Symphonies of Grace, open your heart and connect your heart to that one who stands before you, and may feel within the depths of that heart the truth of that one, and may, without ego, quietly offer them that which they request of you in the assistance they are requiring in that moment which will see them set free of their limitations and able to move forward more strongly and more gracefully upon their path of Light. 

You will open your channel of Light and connect with all of the realms of existence and you will know that which is required, will receive this knowledge through your knowing or through your vision or your hearing, and will act upon this information and make your intercession to the grace realms, and with your hands, your heart, your voice, your frequency, your creativity, your third eye, your mind and will, aligned with divine will, with any and all of these powerful tools you hold, you will transmit to that one the grace that will assist that one so powerfully.

 You may connect with the Symphonies of Grace and allow yourself that which is there for you which will release you from all disempowerment.  It is in the healing of self, in achieving the methods which will connect you to the Symphonies of Grace and to use these successfully to empower yourself and to release yourself of limitation … that you will then gain the knowledge which will open your Keepership to be shared with many others.

It is with your acknowledgement and acceptance of the access you have within your Keepership that this opens to you.

The divine dispensations available within the divine plan, those of grace and of karmic absolution, of gifting, of the return of soul gifts and qualities, and many others, are granted you in your access through your Keepership.

It is the Masters upon Earth, the Angelics, the Lightworkers, the Galactics, the Ashtar Command and those from all of the higher realms with whom you share particular ideology and for whom you offer such Light and a fast-tracking for these divine ones in the grace you may share with them that will see them rise above their own wounded memories of ancient Earth lifetimes, such that are necessary for them to release that their mastery may be revealed and embodied.

You hold many keys for workers of the Light in that you may work with these ones who have desire for transformation and may connect with the Symphonies of Grace and with the halls of higher knowledge and learning, accessing bodies of Light, soul gifts, higher ways of being and doing … and holographically transfer to these ones that which will transform them, transforming their woundedness, their disempowerment, their patterns and programs of duality, their sadness and pain and frustration, their lack of trust in the divine, lack of trust in themselves, and their lack of self-love, and mistrust of their fellows and of their family of Light and of their God.

In world situations which are in need of balance and wisdom to be applied, or love, or harmony or lessening of pain and suffering … you may act as a conduit and channel of the divine to direct to those conditions of suffering and of pain and chaos special dispensations of wisdom and love from the Symphonies of Grace. You may channel and gift and transmit that grace to heal, to harmonise, to equalise, to transform, and to restore.

 You may connect with each of the Masters of your Council of Light for guidance as to the particular gifts of grace with which they may gift you … and you may bring to Earth and anchor to Earth for all to share the giftings you receive, particularly those relevant to those on the Earth plane who are in need of assistance to personally transcend the limitations and dualities and darkness of Earth for their own personal journey.  Particularly those who are workers of the Light you may gift with that which you bring to Earth in grace … gifting those ones who are on a similar path of Light and of service on Earth in mission with the grace and knowledge they require to overcome their karmic challenges and memories, to rise above and disconnect from the collective consciousness and to complete their Earthly path of service through all the levels to ascension.

It is in your exploration of your Keepership on your own behalf that great use may be made of the gifts you uncover as you use your connection with all the realms and all of the Masters to heal those karmic patterns, to restore your connection, to restore your soul gifts, to open in your path of unlimitedness and magnificence.  All that which you explore in your own journey has its purpose to not only return you to your original soul signature and magnificence, but to share that which you receive in grace and wisdom and love with others.

 You may sit in meditation, quietly, and raise your vibration and open your channel of Light and receive messages of love and grace and guidance from the Family of Light. There is joy for you in this and fulfillment for the clarity that you are given.

The raising of your frequency, the opening and clearing and activation of your channel of light and the full release, through grace, of your own disempowering karmic episodes … assists your restoration to magnificence … and this is your priority. The opening of your heart so that the transmissions from the grace realms may flow through you wherever you walk, to whomever you meet, holds importance.

In releasing yourself of all distortion, divesting yourself of limiting beliefs and thoughtforms and programs and patterns of limitation through accessing and receiving from the grace realms on your own behalf, so much assistance is given beloved with all of the heavens’ support and assistance there for you to reward your discipline and diligence and love of self, and embody your divinity upon Earth.  In accessing the Symphonies of Grace on your own behalf, the method will become known to you and close to your heart ... and you may share that which you know with many.

In opening your crown chakra and your column of Light and intending that you connect with the Symphonies of Grace to receive the grace that is most required by you … and requesting also that which you know that you require, what it is that you lack or have need of for your own transformation, your own overriding of current challenges and transfer of higher realities … you may receive all that you require, exponentially receiving rebuilding to original blueprint of your energies, your bodies of Light … through the holographic transfer, via grace, of the bodies of higher light held within libraries of Light … overriding that which is of duality, that which is incomplete, that which holds akashic records of pain and disempowerment and memories of distortion and great sadness and pain … overriding that which is of duality and replacing by holographic transfer with that which gifts by grace that which is of divine origin of the highest form.

With the knowledge gained this day, Dear One, you may connect with the Symphonies of Grace and propelled by your desire for peace, harmony and transformation, and with your heart so fully open … you may bring to the Earth realm that which is required to transform by grace on your own behalf and for others, and for Gaia and for all worlds.

 Within group energies you work within the divine plan and with the Karmic Board and the Lords of Time in determining which transmissions of grace, of wisdom, truth, justice and love within the evolvement of humanity may be accessed and transmitted to bring new paradigms of order and perfection for all.

It is through your own being and your own healing and transformation that many gifts are brought to Earth, for in your deep desire for wholeness within your own being, you will search for that which you require and acquire this, and all will benefit when you restore wholeness within yourself, to each dimension of your being.  Each time that you find yourself in lack, in confusion, sadness, without direction or in need of healing and clarity … you may open your channel of Light to the realms of your Keepership and intend that you acquire that which is most needed to restore you to wholeness, and this is received through you, via grace, anchored through your own being, and to Earth, and all gain the benefit.

As a receiver from the grace realms, you may access from the realms of your Keepership that which is required, and direct this through your own being … through your voice, your heart, your hands, your mental acuity, your third eye, your frequency.  By intent alone, and with focus and with unconditional love as your fuel you may direct your will, aligned with divine will, and intend healing and transformation to any situation through transmitting from the realms of your Keepership the rays and streams of grace, of love, original divine truth, knowledge, healing and transformation through your being, directed to that one who seeks assistance.

Your body of Light and its transformation and restoration is a priority for it is when you are wholly empowered to receive and to transmit the transmissions of grace without obstruction or blockage that you find great fulfillment and may embody magnificence and holographically transmit this to others.  It is in meditating often, asking that the flows and transmissions from the grace realms stream through you, that you will increasingly receive ongoing transformation through use of your Keepership in your own healing, restoration, transformation.

Though currently you may be without full knowledge of that which you are accessing and transmitting, your Family of Light stands beside you that your Keepership may open to you and will particularly lead and guide you to the next level and realm from which you require their input in healing, transformation, guidance. It is in the process of defining that of which you are in lack … and accessing and journeying to have restored to you that which you require … that your own knowledge of your mastery returns to you. Each time that you acknowledge that you are in need of information, clarity, assistance, healing, restoration … you may open yourself to the realms of your Keepership and ask for that which you have identified as a lack and a need … and in the grace and wisdom that you acquire as all that you require is given you, ah, your mastery and magnificence becomes known to you.

If there is situation in your life, or unhappiness or lack of clarity, or confusion, or ill health … whatever it is that in your daily life requires assistance … in asking, intending and accessing the realms of your Keepership, intending that you receive the healing and transformative transmissions and frequencies and blueprints of the grace realms … then this does occur. You may sit in meditation with your column of Light open, and receive that which you require.

In allowing the gifts of the grace realms to stream through your open and clear column of Light, you give great service to Gaia and to her crystal grids of Light in allowing the healing and transformative blueprints of grace to not only pulse through you, but to her also, energising, healing, restoring her crystal grids and the love, Light and power crystals of her Earth.  In restoring to a higher ideal, the transmissions of grace travel along all of her grid lines and ley lines and to her portals, available to all to access and receive.

 With your intent you may replenish and restore the portals of Earth when you meditate and open your channel of Light in those high places of energy, those portals of the Earth.  In meditation, grounding your energies deep within the Earth, connecting to the crystal heart of Gaia, you transmit grace in all of its many dispensations of wisdom and Light, perfection and order, and love and knowledge to Earth … from whence this travels along her grid lines of Light, and may spread and be shared with all humanity.

 A permanent ascension column of Light may be requested to anchor in your sacred place through which the constant influx of Light and grace and love and truth and knowledge of the realms of your Keepership may flow continuously and others may wish to sit in your sacred space with you and receive the flows of grace with you.

In only clearing, activating, strengthening your column of Light and opening this column regularly to receive the healing and transformative rays of grace, and anchoring these into Gaia’s Earth, you give such service to all humanity. And so the opening, restoration and activation of your column of Light is a priority for you, Dear One, to allow great streams of grace, and restorative and transformational energies to pulse through you. Each time that you open your energies and meditate, your vibration and frequency exponentially increase, your Light body through every dimension of your being receives its restoration to divine blueprint, karmic records of ancient experiences of sadness and disempowerment are released and transformation occurs continuously.  This is the power of your Keepership to receive on your own behalf.

Your Keepership may be shared with others, Dear One through the transmission of the grace streams to those ones who request this and who are in need of healing, balancing, restoration, transformation.  You may with your hands, your voice and throat, your heart, your mind and will attuned to divine will, be an agent of healing and transmission for that which is sought and desired. You may act as a transmitter and allow the flows and transmissions and Symphonies of Grace that will most benefit that one pass through you and to that one who is in need and this occurs.Through your creativity you may also express, transmit and ground to Earth the Symphonies of Grace.

If there is need by you, or another for whom you act as agent, to access specific needs … such as release of karmic memories, of healing of disempowerment, or attaining and anchoring soul gifts and to restore bodies of Light … then you may access and holographically transfer, via grace, that which you require for yourself, or on behalf of those who are in need.

You may with your intent and with your heart open wide and with your will aligned to the divine will for all, connect with those world situations of unease and disease, of war and panic and sadness and anger and conflict … and direct the flows of grace … through the agency of your voice … through the power of your hands and of the Light streams which flow through the chakras of the hands … and transform, heal, balance, restore to peace, order, perfection, love and Light those situations, those ones who are in need, bringing higher reality, higher consciousness and evolution beyond the karmic plane … as a transformative agent.

Many angels of the Ashtar Command and from all of the dimensions and realms of grace are with you, Beloved, guiding and supporting and caring for you in love.

 Open your heart, Beloved, as your Council of Light makes its connection and receive the love and support that is always there for you.

Your council of Light holds Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara, Lord Metatron, Lord Melchior, Lord and Lady Ashtar, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Lord Melchizidek, Djwhal Khul, Lady Nada, Lady Quan Yin, with the Lords of Karma and the Lords of Time and with many Angels and Archangels of Grace and who hold you in group energy.

You are loved and cared for Beloved, and assurances are given you that all that you request is given you, in grace.

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama-Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.

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