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The Rainbow Scribe Directory of Helpful Services And Enlightened Information:        



Spiritual Home of the Rainbow Scribe 



The Rainbow Scribe highly recommends Sanctuary of the Ancients 


Diamond Light World 


The Rainbow Scribe highly recommends Resonate With Joy.


  Spiritual Dove™ Healing & Initiations for Enlightenment   (Highly recommended by The Rainbow Scribe)


Blue Ray Healing - Deb Graves/Araznu


Cosmic Awareness Communications 


Goddess of Divinity 


  Era of Peace 


The information that is being given to Humanity from On High at this time is profound and timely. The intent of these celestial sharings is to help all of us see the bigger picture, so that we can understand the monumental changes going on in our individual lives and our collective lives as the family of Humanity. This information is designed to give us comfort, encouragement, and loving support during these wondrous but often very challenging times. Please view these webinars with an open heart and mind. Allow the Presence of God within your heart to reveal to you the Truth of this message.



Elizabeth's Poetry Haven

A Place of Peace, Love and Freedom of Expression...Elizabeth is a dear friend from the U.K. for whom I made a few You Tube videos of her poetry when I used to have time for such creativity. Elizabeth also regularly contributes to the 'Articles of the Week' page.


Gaia Sound and Vision
A website of a wonderful friend of mine for the U.K., who is so gifted in so many wonderful ways. I am proud to call her friend.











The Hilarion Connection©Update

The Wisdom of The Wise Ones You Tube videos

Decrees 2020

Family of Light Messages

From Venus They Came

The Other Kingdoms of Earth & Beyond

Goddess Messages