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Most Beloved Lightworkers and Beloved people of this world, I am so pleased to be able to speak to you about all of the great events that are occurring upon your world. Know that we, from the planet Venus, oversee all the happenings that are occurring upon your planet and that we answer your every call, your every petition for our assistance. We are so wonderfully pleased to be of service in this way. We have waited for such a long time!

Now the time is upon us and we are delighted to answer your calls to send great energy to the Earth and as we do this, Dear Ones, in answer to your calls each day, the Earth’s vibratory level is rising higher and higher and as that occurs, the vibratory levels of every man, woman and child upon the Earth is rising along with her. Not only that, but all Beings from all the invisible kingdoms that have co-existed with you are also taking part in the assimilation of these higher and greater energies.

There is so much occurring upon your planet that it seems difficult sometimes for you to stay in tune and in harmony with the new energies. Know, Dear Ones, that this is a temporary situation but a necessary one. You have been working diligently on the purification of your body, mind and spirit for many, many years and in most cases, many, many lifetimes, so you have come prepared for what is happening upon the Earth plane.

You volunteered to come at this time, to go beyond all seeming limitations, to take this world to a new place and space in the universe and you are doing it!  You truly are what is known on your Earth plane as ‘systems busters’. That is the role that you chose to play, for you are the ones who go beyond what is considered the commonplace - you are the beyonders. You always see new possibilities, new potentials, a way to bring peaceful solutions to the problems that exist upon your world and you are doing this in great harmony, wisdom and love.

You are the unsung heroes of the Earth, but I assure you, Dear Ones, that your achievements and your contributions to these times upon the Earth are recorded in the annals of the history of the new world and this universe. There is a great influx of observers who are so excited to see what it is that you are doing, what it is that you are accomplishing, what you are creating. You are taking this world to a place that no one even imagined just a few years back, and here you are creating a new Earth, Heaven on Earth! How wonderfully glorious this is!

I, Lady Venus, salute and honor each and every one of you and I wish for you to know that I am always available to answer your calls in whatever capacity that you desire assistance with. Call upon me and I shall serve you gladly.

I AM Lady Venus

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