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                  YOUR BODY ELEMENTAL


 Janine Keall of www.psychicartbyjanine.co.uk sent me this picture she channelled of my body elemental! As I viewed this image, I received the following message from my body elemental. It is a message for everyone. How I love working with my “Microphone to the Universe Crystal” by  Steven North!





I am delighted to be seen and acknowledged by you! It is time we met. There is a transformation that is occurring within our system and this will continue. The good news is that the transformation process is bringing healing to our vehicle. It does not feel that way to you at times, sometimes it even feels as though our physical health is taking a step backwards but it is not so! Allow the re-genesis to continue without resistance. Be patient with the process and do not become discouraged.

Spend time in quiet contemplation and relaxation each day. Yes, you have a great task to complete but it is important to be moderate in your efforts. More balance is needed so that this process can move into its next stage. Listen to my guidance and follow the promptings. I desire renewal as much as you, so let us work together!

We, the Body Elementals of the human form, have been largely ignored and not understood to be real. We are rejoicing in this new development, for it will bring our reality into the waking consciousness and understanding of humanity. We want to work with our humans in a cooperative manner but it requires their willingness to acknowledge us and listen to our guidance.

We were meant to maintain the human form at its most perfect and youthful function. Throughout the ages, humanity forgot that we exist as the nurturers, caretakers and maintainers of their human operating system. As they come to realize our existence and our function, and work with us cooperatively, the human form will take on its Divinely intended youthful perfection, for you see, the human form was not meant to age and decay, it was meant to stay youthful, vibrant and radiant throughout the soul’s sojourn upon the Earthly realm. We can restore this connection and function with the conscious awareness and cooperation of the inhabitant of this wondrous vehicle, the human form!

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