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                       YOUR INNER CHILD

Channelled painting of my inner child Angelika by Janine Keall ©2016. This image used with permission.





I come to remind you that within your being, there is a place known as the inner child that you can connect to whenever you feel the need to recapture  your purity and innocence, the innocence that you held when you were but a young child. This place within you believed that anything was possible and that magic and wonder existed all around you, waiting to be explored and experienced.

As each person grows and matures into adulthood, there are events in the world and between themselves and others that occurs which makes them lose their trust in all that is wondrous and good and they begin to experience cynicism and this blocks a person’s heart. It blocks the areas that are needed to remain open and transparent to the things that occur in the world around them and to the magic that exists within them.

The inner child lives within everyone. There are many people in the world who have forgotten that this is a part of their being, that spontaneous and fully abandoned place of sheer joy and delight. I come to remind everyone to reconnect to the inner child within you for this is extremely important for your overall health and well being - for joy and laughter expand one’s soul into the higher realms of consciousness.

Sometimes, the inner child prompts an individual to take actions which seem rather impetuous and spontaneous and those who do not listen to this inner prompting will find themselves perhaps feeling more depressed or angry. It is your inner child who is coming forth to tell you and guide you that it is time to ‘lighten up’, that it is time to temporarily, at least, let go of all your worries, anxieties, fears and concerns and just BE! Take time to enjoy laughter, to enjoy taking delight in the Earth’s wondrous nature and its gifts that exist all around you simultaneously existing with you in your world.

Lighten up! Live, laugh, enjoy, BE! Your inner child wishes to inform you that we may be from a time when you were but a child but we are all that is precious and magical and wondrous about YOU, the soul who has come into incarnation upon this planet! We are your connection to the higher realms through the avenue of the expression and feeling of joy and happiness.

When the individual as an adult represses the promptings of their inner child, they find themselves increasingly constricted in their ability to enjoy each moment of their life. It is important to let the lightness of your being express, for this creates balance and connection with the world that you live in. Do not repress our energy as it wells up from within you, for when you feel a state of abandoned happiness and joy and blissful feelings of well being, this is a signal that we are trying to reach you in your current consciousness that you need to move into this area, this feeling, to reconnect with this joyful and magical part of you.

If you follow your inner child’s promptings, you will always exist in a state of happiness, well being, balance and equilibrium in all the events that take place on your world. Do not forget your inner child, for we are a crucial and integral part of the wholeness of your being. One has to work with and acknowledge their inner child in order to experience the wholeness within them, the wholeness of their fully realized Self. We also interface with your Body Elemental which maintains your physical body and so we say, take time to laugh, take time to see the wonder of the world you live in, take time for your inner child.

Many Blessings!

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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