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I wish to address the current situation upon your planet Earth and humanity’s reaction to the increased cosmic energies that have been intensified and unremittingly pouring down upon the atmosphere. You it is who are the way showers, the risk takers and the devoted ones who have persisted in your beliefs and your love and faith in the Divine. It is you who are feeling the greatest effects of these energies at this time, simply because you have, by your disciplines each day, opened yourselves to the energy flows. Most of you have the ability to discern this flow through your physical bodies.

We ask you to ensure that your energy flows unobstructed through you by practicing clearing your energy field each day. There are many ways to do this; breathing techniques to establish a vital flow of prana through your meridians; invocations and decrees that open up the flow; and meditation and visualization techniques. We advise that you devote one day a week to this practice as it can be enormously helpful on all levels of your multi-dimensional system to help keep your personal energy field vital and alive with life enhancing flow.


 Mastery has never been something that has been handed to you out of hand, it must be earned - you must live the truth of it!


Now then, we say to you Beloved Ones, the next step for you all is to begin a conscious choice of the cleansing of your physical bodies, your mental bodies, your emotional bodies. Find the methods that resonate with you at this time and begin to use them daily. You are now in training to fully become the Divine Beings you really are. In your higher aspects, you are perfected Beings. However, here on Earth, the process has to be rediscovered, and there is a great unlimited field of potential, of new and wonderful discoveries just waiting to be tapped into. Through intention and daily persistence, this can be brought back into remembrance once again. The energies that are inundating the Earth at this time are helping you in this process but you must also do your work. Mastery has never been something that has been handed to you out of hand, it must be earned - you must live the truth of it!

For this is why you have come to the Earth! For the experience of pitting yourselves against the elements, against the forces of nature, against the forces of gravity, against the forces of duality, against all that besets you upon your Earthly path. As you do this, you gain in Mastery, you regain the knowledge of your physical body as a sacred Temple of the Most High. You become aware of the ebb and flow of your emotional body and the awareness of the power of your thinking processes. You begin to realize the utmost importance of feeding your spiritual body with the qualities of love and compassion, harmony and peace, and forgiveness of self and others when it is needed. It is these awareness’s combined together that help you move along your spiritual path into wholeness and perfection. It is not an overnight affair, it is a process that can take many lifetimes and the joy of it is in the journey, as you travel upon your individually chosen path.


 There is a great unlimited field of potential, of new and wonderful discoveries just waiting to be tapped into.


As you, the Way Showers, move forward upon this Ascension path, you simultaneously create a path, a greater opening, if you will, in the consciousness of all of humanity. For truly it takes just one soul following the path back to oneness with the Creator to implant the human collective consciousness field with the potentiality of it. This is reflected back to others who have access to this field whether they are aware of it or not. This is how great Awakenings have occurred in the annals of history and this is what is happening now. You are each cutting a path back to Source for others to follow in the coming days

So we ask you to continue in your Great Work and to become aware of the great unseen forces that surround you, sending to you all the energies and guidance that you need, the answers that you are seeking, the ideas that you have been searching for, the new invention just waiting to be tapped into and implemented upon the planet. There is a great unlimited field of potential, of new and wonderful discoveries just waiting to be tapped into.

We are here to encourage you to believe in the goodness of life, its wonders and possibilities, and its great potentials. Believe that you deserve to live the life of your highest goals and dreams, and that you can achieve them. We cheer you on, we point you in the right direction, we exhort you, we carry you when necessary, but always, -- always – we love you. Never forget this in your daily experiences, that you are loved beyond measure and that we are ever at your side. Take a few moments each night before sleep to think of us, speak to us and ask to be taken to the Temples of Learning while your body slumbers. We await you there, Beloveds.

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