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  Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! I, Zandus of Venus, am one of the Scribe’s spiritual guides; I have been with her since she came into this world. I have been her guide, mentor and protector from her early childhood days. I, Zandus, am a Master collective consciousness of all aspects of my own Divine Essence. My focus is on the Venusian way. The Venusian way is the way of love, peace, and harmony. It is the way of the heart, and so I come at this time in this history of your world as it is being made, as much of it is being dissolved to remind humanity of the greatness and magnificence of their own being.

Know that you have much within you that is operating in the continuum where all is simultaneous in nature, where you are experiencing all aspects of your self as the Divine aspects, the Divine completeness of your being. In this moment of time and place, it is a great struggle for many, even those who have been doing this work in their ongoing spiritual develoment. It is a difficult time, trying to bring balance when there is so much imbalance or seeming imbalance in the world you live on and I wish to bring to your attention that the seeming imbalance is just a way to balance the scales, so to speak, of all that went before.

An individual cannot enter the higher realms of consciousness, the higher streams of consciousness or dimensions as you call them until all that they carry within their cells, within the DNA, within their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral and etheric bodies are thoroughly and completely scrubbed clean and shining in purity and Light. Only then will the world and its inhabitants make the breakthrough to the higher dimensions of life. As you, the Lighted One, are experiencing these balancing energies, if we could call them that, know that the new Earth reality that you have striven to create through your visioning, meditations, prayers and decrees is coming into view. Do not give up just before this happens!

 Stand in your Light and truth. Hold your column of Light, for it is extremely urgent that you do so at this time. The words and messages of the Master Hilarion who also speaks through this Scribe; all that he has brought forth is now coming to pass, all of it is being brought into experience and manifestation. And so we, as members of the planetary and inter-planetary spiritual guidance teams wish for you to know that the current events that are occurring all around you is the ‘tribulation’ that has been mentioned in many sacred works. It is a tribulation that challenges all inhabitants that live upon this planet in ways that require that they go within to connect with their core essence, which is a spark of the Divine in its nature and in its truth.

Everything that is occurring upon the planet and within humanity at this time is a reckoning, if you will. The cleansing is occurring so that everyone has an opportunity to do so, for there are greater times coming where it is important to be in Oneness with the Divine Essence at the core of your being in order that you may participate and partake of the opportunity, the great cosmic opportunity that is transpiring. It is always at work, there are no breaks in between this process now. There are no respites for lagging souls. They have to muster the strength and the courage to turn within to understand that there are greater events taking place than they ever knew existed.

 It requires trust if your thoughts and proclivities did not include the Divine aspects of your being before, but it is never too late until the very last moment. Know that all souls, all aspects of your souls can be redeemed in one instant, one flash of understanding that you are spirit experiencing yourself in a human vehicle (body) and all that you have experienced and are experiencing is to provide the lessons that you needed as a Divine aspect to gain wisdom and understanding, for that is the way of the universal law, that one learns, one grows, one reclaims their Divinity by and through experiences that test, that expose one to energies that bring these insights forward.

So it is important to align yourselves with your Eternal Divine Essence, to dedicate all that you are to the Light of the Divine each and every day. Surround yourself in a triple golden bubble of protection morning and before bedtime and make this your intention so that you know that you are always walking in the Light of the Divine, in the Light of your true spiritual essence at all times. I thank you for your attention.

I AM Zandus.

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