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Greetings Beloved Lightworkers,

Long has it been since I have had the opportunity to have discourse with you. The Scribe has been going through deep processing and her channel has often not been available to be utilized. There have been many changes within each of you in the past year. The majority of you are moving into the remembrance of the truth of your soul identity and as this happens, a greater Light is given to the world and all the inhabitants. Many of you have moved into the highest frequencies that it is possible for humanity to experience and still be grounded into the Earth. As this is occurring, your physical bodies have been transforming into your new crystalline bodies of Light.

This year is heralding the awakening process in greater numbers of humanity and there has been and will continue to be great cleansing and processing taking place. Most of you reading this have already walked this path and are in completion with it. You are moving into your next step and that is, greater unity with your Eternal Divine Essence. There is great excitement at this development - for each time one of you remembers the Light that you are and experiences this unity with your higher aspects, a greater change takes place within the consciousness of all upon the Earth. This is how you have been of great assistance in this wondrous time of transformation for all.

The Earth is steadily moving into her destined path and is aligned with Galactic center. All is in readiness and we from our perspective have been waiting with bated breath to be given the opportunity to make our presence known to a majority of humanity upon the Earth. Those who have not been aware of what is actually transpiring upon your planet will be feeling most uncomfortable for some time, as their four body system adjusts to the greater frequency that is now firmly established upon your planet. It has been a difficult time for all as these adjustments are being made and you are all asked to continue holding the Light as the process continues.

 We have been working on aligning the Earth to Galactic center and keeping all as steady and stabilized as possible. Much positive progress has been made to this point…far greater than was originally conceived for this time of probabilities and possibilities. Each of you are held in the highest esteem for the work you have been doing, for not only are you also going through the body changes and transformations with the rest of humanity but you have had to do this while maintaining a high level of Light to continue the transmutation of the Earth itself. It is definitely not an easy task.

You are all coming into your own authenticity. Every part of your life is being scrutinized and aligned with the ascension process. This will continue to occur as the days continue on, more and more of you will be experiencing yourselves as the multi-dimensional Beings that you are. More of you will be experiencing being in many, many dimensions with awareness of this instead of just from the 4th dimensional perspective.

This is a time of momentous incoming new technology coming forth to be manifested for the good of all upon your Planet Earth. We have been working to make this technology known to those of you upon the planet. There are many who have asked for and received these ideas and templates and have been working on their development. These receptive humans are doing so quietly and without fanfare until the timing is right to bring their inventions to the Light of all.

What an exciting time this is for all of us, as we work together to increase the Light quotient upon the Earth and all of her inhabitants. Humanity as a species are magnificent Beings of Light and now humanity’s collective Light is increasing by the minute. As you come together to work in unity in the days ahead, know that you are bringing stability to all and your dedication is making a real difference now.

The cleansing will continue, Beloved Lightworkers, and since you are at the forefront of this process and in the completion stages, it affords each of you the opportunity to be of service to others upon your planet. As you follow the promptings of your heart and intuition, you will always be placed in the right place at exactly the right time. You are all now positioned where you will do the most good in maintaining stability and Light.

Your world is changing at warp speed and so is humanity! Those of you who have been despairing that there will ever be a great change upon your planet and within the minds and hearts and consciousness of humanity are nearing the end of your long journey and it will end in victory and love.

From this perspective, we salute you and honor your Light.

I AM Ziimere of the Golden Light,

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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