The Rainbow Scribe

           WELCOME TO THE RAINBOWSCRIBE!                 

Your Light DOES make a difference!  Each point of Light on this Globe is YOU, individually and collectively, creating a better World each day as you hold and anchor your Light.                                                  


 Weekly Affirmation and Intent: 
"I AM blending brilliantly with the dance of life. So be it!"


ay you be blessed in all ways and may you fully experience the energies of this Sanctuary of peace and tranquility, of healing and upliftment from the Eternal Love of the Family of Light through their messages to help you on your Spiritual Journey into Ascension.

The Ascended Masters are encouraging ALL to be strongly focused on anchoring the Light that we truly are into the Earth at this time, to assist in bringing balance to the Earth. For those who resonate with decreeing as a means of keeping their high Spiritual focus, a list of decrees will be found under “DECREES” where you will find the link to each decree and also an Adobe PDF document that you can save to your computer and print out. The Ascended Masters through their messages, have indicated that those of us who come to this website and decree online, add to the positive and high energy of the Portal that has been created here.


May we all work together as One to create the world that we all desire so deeply within our hearts.


sl5rud.jpg beutiful image by Emilee_09 

Above is the Beautiful and Powerful personalized Device made for
The Rainbow Scribe after Walt was guided by his Guides
as to what crystals to use.
The Device was finished in the record time of five days!
Contact Walt at the email below. 
More information regarding the above energetic device, please


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