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      The Hilarion Connection©Update - August 2019




 Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The energies of late are penetrating deeper into each person’s psyche and bringing to the surface the last vestiges of all that is prohibiting their forward progress. There have been a lot of revelations, keys and insights given. Many answers to long standing questions have come into awareness and understanding. It has been an intense time for everyone. Many completions between souls are taking place before a new movement forward will begin. These are in various stages of manifestation.

Those of you who have been living a soulful life are moving into higher access of information. This comes through slowly at first but gathers momentum the more one utilizes this gift. At the current moment with the greater influx of energies coming into the Earth’s atmosphere, it is difficult at best to do this. It is far better to wait for the energies to be assimilated and fully integrated before embarking in this endeavor. It is the time of observing planetary cycles. Think of the energy downloads you are receiving as a further expansion in broadening your horizons in the restoration of your divine gifts and potentials.

As you continue to bridge two or more worlds, you are playing an important role in opening new doors of perception and understanding to the people around you. You are the Light and what the Light does is bring that which was hidden from view to the surface and in that role, you as Light are not much appreciated in the beginning of the illuminating process but eventually it will be most appreciated. It is not that you put yourself out there and say “I am the way”, it is more about your inner luminosity that ignites their own Light just because you are in their vicinity.

The concept of time is becoming rather meaningless in planning one’s day. Our Scribe has given up making plans to accomplish her goals each day and relies more on ‘divine timing’. When divine timing comes into play, everything becomes clear and comes together like magic with less effort and no pressure or stress. She has started asking her guides to guide her way through each project that needs completion. We sometimes guide her to do a totally different project just to get her to move out of a well worn method and way of doing things to renew her spirit – mind, body and soul. Every individual needs to do this to reset the patterns of repetitive behavior and have a fresh start.

In the days ahead, people will begin to gather in groups of like minded individuals for specific purposes such as planetary clearing, healing and fellowship with those they resonate with. They will simply want to be where they feel loved, accepted and understood. This will not always be one’s immediate family members but rather those of one’s soul group and this tendency is putting them into position for future times. This is part of each person’s soul plan in order for the greatest soul growth, evolution and expansion of consciousness to take place. All that is destined to occur will occur.

Until next month,

I AM Hilarion

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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The Hilarion Connection©Update

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